Gastrain Assisting Customers through Type B Gas Appliance Standards and Certification


Type B Gas appliance standards and certification is currently a hot topic in the Australian gas industry, particularly in Queensland where the regulator has been actively enforcing the requirements. Gas fitters will be familiar with Type B gas-fired appliances in more conventional applications like industrial burners and incinerators used for process heating and combustion however Type B compliance is also relevant in gas-fired turbine or engine powered applications like power generation or gas compression.

The principal standard outlining Type B compliance requirements is Australian Standard AS 3814-2009 Industrial and commercial gas-fired appliances. Type B appliances are generally defined in AS 3814 as any non-Type A gas-fired appliance whose fuel gas consumption exceeds 10MJ/h. AS 3814 sets out minimum requirements for the operation of gas-fired industrial appliances. A key objective of AS 3814 is to mitigate the risk of explosion on the firing side of the appliance by ensuring proper design principals and fit-for-purpose components are used. At the time of writing Queensland state legislation provides further definition of what constitutes a Type B appliance. The relevant legislation nominates AS 3814 is a ‘prescribed standard’ where compliance is mandatory. A range of other standards are relevant for designers, installers, operators and maintainers of Type B equipment including but not limited to AS 1375-1985 Industrial fuel-fired appliances and AS 5601-2004 Gas installations.

To operate legally, Type B Certification of an appliance is required for certain applications in all states and territories of Australia, and for all Type B appliances in Queensland. It is the responsibility of the various stakeholders including equipment owners and designers to confirm what level of Certification is required in each jurisdiction. Depending on the state and the nature and size of the installation, specific qualifications are required for designers, installers, inspectors and others involved in the Type B Certification process. Type B appliance designs may also be required to be submitted to the regulator or recognised agents for approval before use or modification. It is a further requirement that specific components used in a Type B appliance must be Australian Gas Association (AGA) certified.

Anyone wishing to obtain information on Legislative Requirements and Approvals for Gas Safety, Electrical Safety and other requirements for a Type B application can contact the respective technical regulators in their state. Navigating the requirements for gas powered engines can be particularly difficult because AS 3814 was developed more to provide a framework for acceptable standards for gas burners and boilers and makes very little mention of engines.

Gastrain Power and Compression is able to assist customers in understanding their obligations for Type B appliances, particularly gas engines. Where customers have an existing Type B installation or are looking to purchase gas engine powered equipment Gastrain can provide a turn-key solution to bring equipment up to standard as well as supply new equipment which is compliant.

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