Drivetrain Provides EMD Engine Troubleshooting Assistance on Drilling Rig

Recently Drivetrain was contacted to provide urgent troubleshooting assistance on a semi-submersible drilling rig, currently working off the west coast of Australia. The rig was fitted with three 16 cylinder EMD E9B powered generator sets, of which one required technical assistance.

The crew on the rig site had just replaced the main generator after a failure, and when the unit was recommissioned there were unusual noises coming from the engine, suspected from the turbocharger.

Drivetrain, the authorised service centre in Australia for EMD Land and Marine engines, provided troubleshooting assistance by phone and email communication to the rig, having the crew run a series of tests and report back the results. The results of these checks, however, were inconclusive.

The engine was declared unserviceable until the problem was rectified.  With one generator unserviceable, there was insufficient redundant power to continue drilling operations, and the rig had to cease drilling.  The client realising the very significant cost of the downtime situation elected to replace the turbocharger and asked if Drivetrain could deploy a technician to assist with the investigation into the cause of their problem, and assist with re-commissioning the engine.

In order to minimize rig downtime, Drivetrain deployed an engineer first thing Sunday morning to Western Australia, from where he joined a specially chartered Chopper to fly out to site. On arrival Drivetrain’s engineer performed a number of diagnostic checks and investigations to ensure the engine was in a fit state to operate, whilst a replacement turbocharger was airfreighted to site.

Like a well-oiled machine, the replacement turbocharger arrived on site within minutes of the engine checks being completed.

The turbocharger was installed and run through a thorough commissioning process to determine the turbocharger, engine and generator were fit for service.

Drivetrain’s client was very pleased with the response and support provided by the Drivetrain Team, via correspondence and assistance on site.

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