Drivetrain is a dynamic organisation and regularly considers its position in the market, its value proposition to clients and the mix of products and suite of service offering in order to remain contemporary and deliver innovative solutions to our valued clients. Following a recent review of the market needs and current conditions of the energy sector in the region, Drivetrain announces today that its exclusive representation agreement with Sage Energy International has been altered.

The changes to the agreement will provide Drivetrain with the flexibility to access a wider range of OEM equipment, manufacturers and packagers including Sage – ensuring that we deliver the best value proposition to customers in our region. Drivetrain is a subsidiary of ASX listed Engenco Ltd and fully understands the needs and requirements of customers in our region including the regulatory framework.

Drivetrain supports the requirements of customers in the markets and segments we have elected to engage in, providing enduring through life product support of rotating and reciprocating machinery. As always, Drivetrain remains committed to the industry and will continue to invest in building capability and solutions, providing new and innovative technology, and delivering compelling value to our customers.

For further information please contact

David Bentley
General Manager Power and Compression
Drivetrain Australia.

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