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Drivetrain Power and Propulsion is the Authorised EMD Power Products Service Centre for Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and the greater part of South East Asia. EMD is the world leader in manufacturing two cycle, medium speed diesel engines for marine, drilling, and stationary power generation markets. The latest engine, the EMD 710 series is available in 8, 12, 16 and 20 cylinder configurations with a power range of 2,000hp up to 5,000hp.

The engines are favoured by the power generation market due to their ability to smoothly accept load at any engine speed. With generator sets, testing proves the 5,000hp 20 cylinder engine is able to accept full load in one step and recover in 2 seconds. Similar testing in the marine market has demonstrated acceleration from idle to full load in less than 11 seconds.

EMD’s rapid response allows for safer operation, less spinning horsepower, fuel savings and reduced component wear.

Drivetrain provide spare parts, service exchange units, undertake parts reconditioning and onsite service for the full range of EMD engines including the legacy 645 series range.

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