Energy Services

Drivetrain specialises in heavy engine and compression system maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) for the marine, mining, oil, gas, and power sectors. Our extensive heavy engine work with the Royal Australian Navy was the catalyst for the expansion of our energy operations, and today we can provide high value solutions at remote sites around the globe including mine sites, oil platforms, industrial plants, surface vessels, and submarines.

Thanks to our superior resource availability, Drivetrain is in the unique position to add value to your business by minimising engine downtime. Rapid response from a team with unsurpassed technical expertise, within an established engineering framework, equals cost effective long-term efficiency for your operation. That’s smart business.

Drivetrain’s Energy’s service capabilities include:

Inspection, testing and machining
Includes, non destructive magnetic crack testing, fuel pump and injector testing, cylinder head pressure testing, hardness testing and surface finish measurement.

Cylinder Head remanufacture
Including reconditioning, chemical cleaning, surface machining, magnetic particle UV light crack detection, pressure testing, valve guide replacement, valve seat machining & insert replacement, valve facing, injector tube replacement, injector seat machining, pre–combustion chamber replacement and thread repairing, cylinder head welding, rebuilding and machining manifold faces and crack repairs.

Cylinder Block servicing
Including, chemical cleaning, pressure testing, facing and rebuilding, machining counter bores, fitting of counter bore inserts, sleeving bottom liner seal position, reboring and honing, cam follower/lifter bore resleeving, lower deck resleeving, cam tunnel resleeving, tunnels – boring, inserts, thermal arc spraying and reclamation, thrust repairs, Top Decks – Machining, Counter Bore Insertion and Boring, repairing water ferrule positions, repairs to idle gear and electrolysis repair.

Connecting Rod servicing
Including, rebushing, crack testing, proof testing, re-alignment, big end resizing and gudgeon bush reboring.

Crankshaft Servicing
Including, crack & hardness testing, measuring journal sizes, straightness, seal position repair, electronic surface finish measurement, regrinding and polishing.

Engineering Services
Including, thread repair, flywheel replacing, MG and TIG welding, metal spraying, resleeving and facing, specialised machining and modifications to accessories, flywheel housing repairs, broken bolt and stud removal.

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