Combined Heat and Power

Drivetrain Energyoffers design, manufacture, integration, installation, commissioning and through-life support for industrial and municipal combined heat and power plants which realise substantial energy savings and greenhouse emissions reductions. To this end, Drivetrain further supports customer needs with specialist capability in the areas of synthetic gas, bio gas and landfill gas as well as ethanol fuelled CHP systems.

Utilising fuels with lower greenhouse impact, equipment with increased efficiency levels and emission control technologies in Combined Heat and Power projects can provide end users with lower overall costs and reduce their impact on the environment.

The Drivetrain Energy team can reduce the risk associated with project execution by leveraging our deep application engineering knowledge and experience as well as through rigorous project management framework and implementation plans.


Cogeneration, also known as Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is the process of generating electricity and useful thermal energy from the combustion of fuel.

The principle of Cogeneration is to utilise the thermal energy formed during the process of converting fuel to mechanical or electrical energy; this energy is recovered through heat exchange techniques and applied to improve system efficiency. When combining the electrical energy and thermal energy, Cogeneration systems can be up to 90% efficient, this compares to utility generated electricity which is about 30% efficient.

Drivetrain Energy’s Cogeneration Capabilities

Our business is centered on providing a one stop shop for execution of complete turnkey projects that encompass all aspects required for efficient and sustainable energy solutions. The Drivetrain Energy team deliver an unrivalled level of expertise, capability and experience, providing our customers with the security of dealing with one entity responsible to deliver project outcomes. This competence encompasses all of the activities necessary from the initial opportunity definition right through to ongoing operations, maintenance and overhaul services of all equipment and services we provide.

Comprehensive capabilities include:

• Initial Feasibility Assessment

• Energy Analysis

• Evaluation of Competing Technologies

• Design and Construction

• Environmental, Electrical & Gas Approvals

• Electrical Protection Studies

• Remote Monitoring and callout service

• Complete Care of all electrical, mechanical and fuel systems

• Emissions control

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