Spicer® 16D Underground Mining Axle


The Spicer® Model 42R112 (16D) axle offers standard, Posi-Torque,™ and no-spin differentials for terrain-specific traction. The modular design is installation-ready and the simplicity increases durability in off-highway work. The double gear reduction design allows for less vehicle wear and better turning capabilities, with a 4.94 wheel-end ratio. In addition, flange options increase vehicle versatility.

Spicer® 16D Underground Mining Axle

Load Capacity


Kg (x1000)
  • 30

    Kg (x1000)

Design Features

Axle Mounting Pad, Trunnion
Input Flange Options 7C-TP, GBW 378/30, 1710
Double Reduction Planetary Wheel End 4.94
Service Brakes LCB13200, LCB16200, Posi-Stop™ 13150, Posi-Stop™ 16150
Differential Options Standard, Posi-Torque™, No-spin


Installation Dimensions (mm)

A – Flange to Flange 1472.2, 1697.5, 1764.3
B – Planetary Hub Length 1827.8, 2053.08, 2119.9
C – Wheel Pilot Diameter 459
D – Wheel Bolt Circle Diameter 511

Technical Data

Planetary Reduction Ratio 4.941
Bevel Set Ratios 4.556, 5.286, 5.429, 6.286
Maximum Output Torque 111,600 Nm
Load Capacity (Kg); Static 30,000
Load Capacity (Kg); Dynamic 19,000

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