Spicer ® Model 113 Rigid Planetary Axle


Spicer® Model 113 rigid planetary axles deliver superior tractive force and nimble vehicle steering for front end loader applications. Inboard wet disc brakes are maintenance-free, eliminating the cost of brake replacement. These axles are available with several differential options to accommodate customer needs.

113 Rigid Planetary Axle

Design Features

Axle Mounting Pad, CL trunnion or TP clevis
Input Flange Options Hydrostatic motor, DIN 120/150, Mechanics 5C/6C/7C,
end yoke 1410/1480, SAE 1410, Dana 1480-1550
Double Reduction Planetary Wheel End Bevel set in center section and final hub reduction at wheels
Service Brakes 6 discs, wet disc brakes (integrated), internal SAHR
Differential Options Open, limited slip 30%/45%, no-spin, 100% mechanical lock


Installation Dimensions (mm)

A – Flange to Flange 1080, 1530, 1920, 2050
B – Planetary Hub Length 160
C – Wheel Pilot Diameter 280.8 or 370
D – Wheel Bolt Circle Diameter 335 or 425

Technical Data

Planetary Reduction Ratio 1 : 6.000
Bevel Set Ratios 1:2.462, 1:3.091,
1:3.222, 1:3.444,
1:3.667, 1:4.12
Maximum Output Torque (daNm) 65000
Load Capacity (daN); Static 30000
Load Capacity (daN); Dynamic 15000

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