Spicer® Model 123 Rigid Planetary Axle


Specifically designed to address the needs of the construction industry, Spicer® Model 123 rigid planetary axles feature self-adjusting internal wet disc service brakes, which eliminate the cost of brake replacement. Customers also have a choice of several torque-biasing differentials and park brake options for complete product customisation.


Design Features

Axle Mounting Pad, CL trunnion or TP clevis
Input Flange Options Hydrostatic motor, DIN 120/150, Mechanics 5C/6C/7C,
end yoke 1410/1480, SAE 1410, Dana 1480-1550Hydrostatic motor, DIN 120/150, Mechanics 5C/6C/7C,end yoke 1410/1480, SAE 1410, Dana 1480-1550
Double Reduction Planetary Wheel End Bevel set in center section and final hub reduction at wheels
Service Brakes 6 discs, wet disc brakes (integrated), internal SAHR
Differential Options Open, limited slip 30%/45%, no-spin, 100% mechanical lock


Installation Dimensions (mm)

A – Flange to Flange 1080, 1530, 1920, 2050
B – Planetary Hub Length 160
C – Wheel Pilot Diameter 280.8 or 370
D – Wheel Bolt Circle Diameter 335 or 425

Technical Data

Planetary Reduction Ratio 1 : 6.000
Bevel Set Ratios 1:2.143, 1:2.286, 1:2.462,1:3.100, 1:3.444, 1:3.667,1:3.875, 1:4.125, 1:4.375
Maximum Output Torque (daNm) 53000
Load Capacity (daN); Static 24000
Load Capacity (daN); Dynamic 12000

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