King’s Energy

King’s Energy Services started in 1977 with one truck, one prover and one aspiring entrepreneur named Gary King. Over 40 years later King’s Energy Services has grown to over 80+ staff and multiple locations. King’s Energy is now a recognised supplier of quality instrumentation and valve products and services throughout Canada. As the exclusive distributor of King’s Energy in Australia and New Zealand, Drivetrain brings to the market unique and innovative Valve Products.

Pigging Valves

Barber Pigging Valves are an established, reliable, and effective way to send and receive pipeline pigs. For decades Barber has proven its reliability in the oil & gas industry and it continues to be the most cost effective alternative to any pigging requirement.

The Barber Pigging Valve design is a simple, safe and convenient way to insert and remove flow line pigs. It eliminates excessive equipment and reduces the number of operations required to insert/remove a pig thus limiting the environmental impact and loss of product.

The basic design concepts in the Barber Pigging Valve also make it easy to perform field repairs and services when required. The Barber Pigging Valve can also be used as a positive shutoff flow line valve.


The Saf-T-Matic Valve is the next generation to the Safomatic Valve. The Saf-T-Matic is an essential component for all flow line applications. This is a safety valve which automatically controls the shut down of flow lines when pressures exceed or fall below pre-determined limits. The Saf-T-Matic Valve can be used on various applications including oil well flow lines, gas lines, hydraulic lines, or wherever there is a need for high and low pressure limits. It provides complete line protection of high pressure overloads and/or loss of fluids in case of line bursts. The working pressure ranges of the Saf-T-Matic Valve is from 0 psi to 15,000 psi.


The FLO-KING valve is the only valve that offers patent pending top entry designed breach lock bonnet which allows for ease of maintenance and complete trim changes in minutes. The top entry design gives you the opportunity to visually inspect the valve, no special tools required, no need to break the integrity of the pipeline, and no need for extra expensive manpower for valve removal. When the FLO-KING is installed that is where it STAYS!

The FLO-KING design incorporates a rugged hardened metal to metal seat design with a sealant energizing system to tackle the most corrosive & abrasive services with a leak tight seal. The valve also includes a double block and bleed to prove the sealing ability and a trunnion mounted ball which gives it the lowest operating torques in its pressure class. FLO-KING comes in standard ANSI/API connections for current replacement applications, but can also be custom built for specialty applications.

Focus® 2.0 Optical Gas Flow Meter

Advanced, cost effective system for gas velocity and volumetric flow rate measurements independent of pressure, temperature and gas composition.

The system’s principal technology, Laser-2-Focus Velocimetry, uses laser beams to measure the gas flow by sensing the velocity of microscopic particulates naturally occurring in gas. The Focus® 2.0 system consists of a flow sensor, an optical flow processor and a heater power supply. The system includes the new user-friendly software with a Wizard mode that enables an easy step-by-step configuration of parameters.

Easily installed and maintained in the field, the system requires only one installation point in the gas line and takes less than 3 hours to install under normal conditions without interrupting site operations or entire systems shutdown. The Focus® 2.0 is used to accurately measure a wide range of flow rates in a variety of pipe diameters (4″- 30″ Inches).

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