The Sure Stroke Intelligent Lift System is an innovative state-of-the-art artificial lift system for oil and gas producers. While its sleek and compact design is lighter in weight and more energy efficient, it has a greater lifting capacity and longer stroke when compared with conventional rod systems.

Compared to the competition, the long slow stroke of the SSI takes fewer pumping cycles and generates less rod and tubing wear thus requiring fewer well interventions. The SSi is 30% more efficient than beam pumping and 70% more efficient than electric submersible pumping. Combine that with a measured and proven up rate time of 98.6% and you get fewer headaches with a faster return on investment.

The Power Unit

The SSi is supplied in two main modules, the power unit and the pumping unit. The power unit contains the variable frequency drive, motors, programmable logic controller (PLC), and electronic controls necessary to supply fluid power to the rod lift system. The integrated pump-off controller and PLC give you instantaneous on-site control of your stroke lengths and variable speeds to adjust to changing well conditions as well as optimising production.

The Pumping Unit

Mounted over the wellhead, the pumping unit has a rigid steal frame and adjustable feet for exact alignment with the polished rod. A three-chamber cylinder, nitrogen counter-balance, and an innovative cabling system provide smooth and reliable power transfer to the polished rod.

During maintenance, the “V” based tracking system enables movement of the pumping unit back and forth from the wellhead. The reliable “V” stops ensure a straightforward return of the pumping unit to the previously aligned position.

The compact and modular design of the SSi system makes for a stress-free construction and installation. The entire unit can be shipped to site and set up by a single truck equipped with a picker. On-site installation of the major components can be completed in as little time as 4 hours.


Supervisory control and data acquisition are made easy with the integrated ScadaLynx monitoring system. Remote communication functionality allows access to controls and production data from the comfort of your office, truck, or home.

With a variety of models in various stroke lengths, horse power, and lifting capacity, there is an SSi to perfectly match your well conditions.

Production Optimisation

• Highly intelligent system.
• Can match pumping conditions to well productivity.
• Adjustments to stroke length and stroke speed are adjustable while the unit is running, without shutting down.
• Up and down stroke speed can be independent.
• Acceleration for up and down can be independent to maximize pump fillage and minimize rod stress.
• Adjustable load limits
• Ability to remotely monitor operations to react quickly to operating conditions. Alarms are user adjustable and are built into the intelligence.
• Ability to analyze well-pumping conditions via internally generated pump card.

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