Electronic Throttle Controls

Williams Controls has more electronic throttle control experience than any other manufacturer in the world and Drivetrain is proud to bring this wealth of experience to the Australian market. Drivetrain can supply a Williams designed electronic throttle control to meet the most demanding vehicle specifications. Custom pedal systems incorporating clutch, brake and accelerator controls can also be developed for most applications.

Drivetrain maximises value provided to OEM’s by taking responsibility for the design, development, and validation of the pedal system. Ergonomic, dimensional, electrical, and aesthetic requirements are engineered to suit our customer’s needs.

Pneumatic Throttle Controls

Pneumatic throttle systems are used to minimise application force requirements in systems where an operator is located far from the engine he is controlling. Williams pneumatic throttle controls are powered by compressed air from a vehicle’s accessory air system.

  • Three-Way Regulating Valves/ Pedals and Hand Controls
  • Pneumatic Slave Cylinders
  • Pneumatic Transmission Modulators

Hydraulic Throttle Controls

Williams developed hydraulic throttle controls for applications without on-board compressed air. They are used in equipment where mechanical linkages are difficult to route and maintain.

  • Hydraulic Slave Cylinders
  • Hydraulic Proportional Pedals

General Purpose Pneumatic Products

Williams manufacture a large range of pneumatic valves for use in a wide range of applications and equipment types.

The range includes:

  • Regulating Control valves
  • Directional Control valves
  • Relay valves

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