Windrock 6400 Portable Analyzer

Windrock Inc

Premium Portable Monitoring for Reciprocating Machinery

Drivetrain Power and Propulsion, in partnership with Windrock Inc, is proud to bring the Windrock 6400 Portable Analyzer to Australia. The premium portable monitoring system is an indispensable tool for reciprocating machinery reliability programs.

The 6400 system provides fundamental information to assess the mechanical condition and performance of reciprocating compressors and engines as well as rotating equipment. It also provides early warnings of potentially catastrophic running conditions and gives actionable economic data to support maintenance and operational decision making.

Monitor Mechanical condition

The 6400 system ensures that you machines are operating as designed, even when environmental and process conditions change. It evaluates power production/consumption, gas throughput and efficiency and companres actual operation against theoretical models.

The 6400 system is commonly used to evaluate control system data, such as power or capacity loading curves, to ensure that actual performance matches the anticipated operational model.

Protection against catastrophic failure

By evaluating key machinery parameters with every revolution, the 6400 system is able to identify existing machinery
deficiencies or operating conditions that may lead to a catastrophic event. In reciprocating machinery, indications of
developing malfunctions are often masked within normal operating signals. The 6400 system can precisely distinguish
between normal and abnormal to identify developing problems. In addition, the 6400 is able to identify dangerous
operating conditions that can progress into malfunctions before the fault develops.

Support economic decision-making

With the Windrock 6400 system, you can measure the efficiency of compressors and drivers to compare the economic
return of different types of units across facilities or enterprises. With this information, users can make informed decisions
about how to reduce fuel or electricity consumption while maximizing system throughput. The Windrock system also
calculates performance degradation due to part wear and malfunctions, such as valve leakage, which can be used as an
economic basis for performing repairs.

Windrock CARE Support Program

Windrock Portable Analyzers are valuable tools that help ensure critical machinery assets are in proper mechanical health, perating safely and delivering on promised performance. To maximize your system’s potential, Windrock offers a comprehensive program designed to provide support for not only your analyzer hardware and software, but for YOU, the user, as well. Offering three levels of support (Basic, Preferred, Premium), the Windrock CARE Support Program can fit both your needs and budget.

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