Drivetrain supports the energy sector with innovative product solutions backed by industry-leading technical and engineering expertise. We partner with Australia’s leading gas producers to introduce products that improve operating efficiency and reduce running costs, backed by specialist capability that ensures seamless implementation and high-quality ongoing support.

Our technical expertise extends beyond maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) to encompass high-value capabilities such as power generation design, project management, feasibility studies, fault finding, failure analysis and engine and component testing. We strive to improve our customers’ performance and efficiency with best-practice systems and products, supported by engineering excellence.

EMD Power Products

EMD Power Products is a world leader in manufacturing two-cycle, medium-speed diesel engines for marine, drilling, and stationary power generation markets. Their latest engine, the EMD 710 series, is available in 8, 12, 16 and 20-cylinder configurations with a power range of 2,000hp up to 5,000hp.

EMD engines are the power generation market’s product of choice due to their ability to smoothly accept load at any engine speed. This facilitates safer operation, less spinning horsepower, fuel savings and reduced component wear.

Drivetrain is the authorised EMD Power Products service centre for Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and most of South East Asia. We provide spare parts, service exchange units, onsite servicing and undertake parts reconditioning for the full range of EMD engines, including the legacy 645 series.

Gas Compression

Drivetrain has vast experience developing market-leading compression products and services. We were the first company to introduce indirect cooling of screw compressor lubrication oil to the Australian market. This innovation dramatically reduced the quantity of oil required and the risk of water dilution of this oil for the compressors in this Santos project by up to 80%.

Our outstanding industry and technical knowledge allow us to work with our customers to devise innovative solutions to meet their needs and unique operating conditions.

Remote Power Generation

As the authorised Australian engine distributor and service centre for Siemens and EMD Power Products, Drivetrain provides the prime electric power for mining, oil and gas developments in regions without utility infrastructure, or where private power generation is deemed commercially viable.

We provide gas and diesel power generation packages, engine and component exchange, and supply genuine OEM parts for small to medium power plants. We also offer genuine parts for all gas and diesel engine brands.

Drivetrain has expertise in developing integrated turnkey project solutions that encompass all aspects of power station design and construction. Our impressive in-house engineering expertise, project management capability and industry experience mean our customers trust us to deliver an innovative end-to-end solution.

Heat and Power

Cogeneration – also known as Combined Heat and Power (CHP) – is the process of generating electricity and useful thermal energy from the combustion of fuel. The principle of cogeneration is to make use of the thermal energy formed during the process of converting fuel to mechanical or electrical energy; this energy is recovered through heat exchange techniques and applied to improve system efficiency. By combining electrical energy and thermal energy, cogeneration systems can be up to 90% efficient, compared to utility generated electricity which is around 30% efficient.

Drivetrain offers design, manufacture, integration, installation, commissioning and through-life support for industrial and municipal combined heat and power plants. We support our customers with specialist capability in the areas of synthetic gas, biogas and landfill gas, and ethanol fuelled CHP systems.

By using fuels with a lower greenhouse impact and equipment with better efficiency levels and emission control technologies, cogeneration projects can deliver lower operating costs and reduce the impact on the environment.