Battery Electric Vehicles

Battery electric vehicles are essential in helping mining companies reduce emissions. Drivetrain proudly partner with Kovatera to bring the KT300e battery electric vehicle to the Australian mining industry.

KT200e Battery Electric Vehicle regular cab and box


Today, mining vehicles account for 30%-50 % and up to 80% in some vital mining areas of the total direct greenhouse gas emissions at a mine site. 

Traditional utility vehicles take on-highway models, electrify, and adapt them for the harsh conditions of underground mining, Kovatera has designed and engineered the KT300e from the ground up. The KT300e Battery Electric Vehicle has twice the payload and a lifespan to outlive some mines, with the vehicle due to formally come into the Australian market in 2024, this is an excellent opportunity for customers to better understand just what this impressive vehicle is capable of. 

Drivetrain proudly partner with Kovatera to bring you the electric vehicles of the future.