Drivetrain’s longstanding relationship with the world’s leading powertrain brands allow us to support customers in mining, defense, rail and energy sectors.


We’re committed to working with premium brands with a reputation for quality and innovation. Our strategic partners share our aspiration to leverage deep market understanding and technical expertise to create products and services that drive efficiency and reduce downtime.

Dana Spicer

Dana’s industrial axles, transmissions and drivelines are the product of choice for off-highway vehicles globally. They deliver maximum performance across a variety of applications in the agriculture, construction, mining and forestry sectors. Spicer transmission types include industry-leading powershift, hydrostatic and hydro-mechanical options. Dana products are known for their quality, flexibility and innovation.


Kovatera engineers and manufactures one of the safest underground mining utility vehicles in its class. They are purpose-built from the ground-up and offer three times the economic life when compared to automotive-style trucks, with twice the payload capacity.

Kynetic Driveshafts

Drivetrain designs and produces high-quality driveshafts for a wide range of off-highway vehicles. We supply our driveshafts for both OEM builds and aftermarket replacements; they’re frequently used by mining, defence, transport and energy customers. Drivetrain’s driveshaft range is complementary to our application engineering, repair and overhaul services. Our driveshafts are reliable, durable and reduce our customers’ cost of operations.

Guascor Energy

Guascor Energy Engines are known in the market for their robustness and reliability. Best-in-class, high-efficiency, low-emission gas engines and gensets are designed for various applications such as power generation, cogeneration, and waste to energy. These engines are suitable for a broad range of commercial, industrial and municipal uses with long service intervals, easy maintenance and low fuel consumption.

HS Turbochargers

Hedemora Turbo & Diesel manufactures a range of large frame turbochargers for the rail industry. Their innovative compact design means that HS Turbochargers cover engines with a power output between 740kW and 4,200kW with a single turbo installation. HS Turbochargers deliver better efficiency and higher performance while reducing fuel consumption, emissions and smoke, and exhaust temperatures.

Hedemora Turbo & Diesel Engine

Hedemora Turbo & Diesel are a Swedish-based company with more than 70 years of engine experience. Hedemora Turbo & Diesel provides through-life support for legacy Hedemora diesel engines. These versatile engines can be used in a broad range of applications including power generation, emergency gensets, propulsion, auxiliary ships and submarine installations.

Kessler + Co

Kessler manufactures axles for heavy- duty off-highway applications. Kessler specialise in axles with capacity above 50,000kgs, particularly those for underground mining trucks and loaders.


Meritor is a leading manufacturer of axles, axle components, planetary axles, brakes and aftermarket parts for heavy-duty commercial and defence vehicles. Meritor produce off-highway axles that offer up to 90,000kg capacity and are suited to lower volume speciality applications such as military vehicles and heavy commercial hauling. Drivetrain is Meritor’s exclusive Australasian distributor and authorised service centre.

Williams Controls

Williams Controls is a global leader in throttle controls and valves. With more than 75 years of experience in vehicle controls. Williams electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic solutions are the product of choice for OEM builds. Williams Control’s high-quality controls and valves complement our product portfolio and enable Drivetrain to supply complete powertrain solutions.


Zahroof is a respected US-based company that manufactures state-of-the-art straight flow gas valves for use in reciprocating gas compressors. Their patented Zahroof StraightFlo (SF) Valve can improve valve efficiency by up to 40% and extend run time between valve service intervals by more than five times. An innovative and pioneering technology which has redefined the performance, reliability and service of reciprocating compressor valves.



Kovatera (formerly known as Minecat) manufactures an extensive range of fully customisable underground mining utility vehicles, including battery-powered electric vehicles.

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