Product Support & Training

Drivetrain can create customised training programmes for its clients based on their requirements and individual components, either on-site or at one of our seven Drivetrain facilities. Personnel with OEM manufacturing training supports the training across all subject areas.

Field Service


Our field deployment team are ready and willing to deploy to remote locations to support installation, commissioning, and ongoing service support of Drivetrain supplied equipment at our customers’ operations. Having undergone extensive training to work in demanding conditions, our staff are trained in remote workplace, first aid, and emergency response training. Drivetrain also maintains equipment and systems developed specifically for field deployment, ensuring that our teams have the tools needed to work efficiently and safely while away from our Service Centres. This is supported furthermore by our fleet of fully equipped service vehicles fitted with specialised equipment.


Drivetrain provides  field service coverage for our Kovatera underground utility vehicles and our Guascor Power Generation assets through our highly qualified  service technician’s throughout Australia. Drivetrain can service your equipment on-site quickly and efficiently, so you get your assets  back to work fast.

Our Field Service vehicles are all equipped with special purpose tooling and the latest diagnostic equipment. They provide faster diagnostics and accurate troubleshooting which make for quicker repair time, whilst allowing for the provision of service information and checking for available parts.

Our on-site solutions include:

  • Installation and commissioning of assets
  • On-site scheduled servicing  and repairs
  • Contracted maintenance solutions
  • On-site training packages
  • Component removal and re-fitment
  • Breakdown call out on Drivetrain supplied equipment
  • Equipment audits and condition assessments


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Dyno Testing

Drivetrain rebuilds transmissions and torque converters to factory specifications using genuine spare parts. Each component is assembled by specialist technicians and functional  tested to ensure it meets strict quality standards. Drivetrain supplies and services a range of Dana Spicer, and Kessler axles for underground load and haul equipment, in addition to components for ancillary equipment used predominately in the mining industry.

With the latest diagnostic software Drivetrain conducts the most comprehensive testing possible as part of our strict quality procedure, this guarantees that our clients receive a product that is free from faults.

Using the latest technologies, components are put through a rigorous OEM testing procedure. When required, transmission controllers are utilised to communicate with the transmission, ensuring that all sensors and control valve solenoids are operating as intended. We provide our customers with a quality service and guaranteed outcome.

Our Transmission Control Unit (TCU) product line includes the

  • Allison CEC3
  • APC200,
  • APC216,
  • (HVT in development),

The testbench user interface has received major investment from Drivetrain. The data being shown to the test technician is far more accurate and comprehensive thanks to the incorporation of a digital display and associated sensors. Other benefits of switching from an analogue to a digital system are,

  • Remote assistance,
  • Enhanced upgradeability,
  • Introduction of CAN BUS J1939 interface.

Drivetrain test capabilities range.

Dana Allison CAT












TE50 (currently in development)


6600 R2900




Drivetrain’s engineering team collaborates with stakeholders to provide engineering solutions for propulsion related projects, including service life improvement, failure analysis, in-service testing and data acquisition services. Our application engineers continue to work closely with our customers to develop products specifically tailored to their projects.

Drivetrain’s comprehensive range of market-leading products, deep technical understanding of the mining, defence, transport and energy sectors and rigorous quality control program combine to position us as a supplier of choice for these critical markets. From engineering and supply of new assets and equipment through to service, maintenance, repair and overhaul, parts support and advanced fleet diagnostics, Drivetrain are positioned to provide through life support to customers spanning the full product life cycle.



  • Design of aV6 Hedemora Diesel Engine from a spare V18 Hedemora diesel engine block for the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO).
  • Complete dynamic testing and redesign of a pump shaft on a Royal Australian Navy (RAN) vessel to improve component life.
  • Provide engine condition monitoring hardware, training and assistance for ASC and BHP. • Redesign an existing axle to suit specific customer requirements.
  • Design and manufacture specialised tools and equipment for safety and production improvement.
  • Manufacture and supply three new V18B Hedemora engine blocks and gearboxes for the RAN, which are now in service and used as rotating stock during full cycle dockings (FCD)
  • Manufacture and supply new Hedemora V18B cylinder heads. (Both the engine frames, gearboxes and cylinder heads have not been manufactured in over 30 years

Service Exchange

Drivetrain’s service exchange program and extensive inventory of genuine spare parts allow us to minimise the downtime of our customers’ most critical equipment and, by agreement, guarantee supply and expedited change outs for driveline components in scheduled equipment rebuild programs. Drivetrain stock a wide range of new and service exchange components for the powertrain of the vast majority of vehicles currently in service in underground hard rock and soft rock mining across Australia and can add to this pool of exchange components based on customer commitment to utilisation or scheduled programs.

In our Service Exchange Program, Drivetrain rebuilds all components in the drivetrain from up/drop boxes, to Transmissions, converters, Brakes, wheel ends, differentials and complete axle assemblies to factory specifications using genuine spare parts. Each component is assembled by specialist technicians and hydro-dynamically tested to ensure it meets strict quality standards.

Drivetrain provides complete flexibility for the customer to design their own exchange format . Options range from the lowest cost, to least variable, from only soft parts and labour fixed with all additional work do and charge up to fixed price exchange with core charges for unserviceable cores. Examples of Drivetrain’s flexible exchange offerings include:


  • Soft Parts & Labour fixed + Hard Parts charged as required
  • Only the labour, soft parts and testing for an overhaul are charged as fixed consisting of and not limited to bearings, seals, gaskets, O-rings, retaining rings, piston rings, selected bolts and nuts
  • Any additional hard parts and labour required to return the unit to factory standard are quoted and recommended in a detailed service report for the customer decision


  • Basic Overhaul Exchange + Any Failed additional parts
  • The labour, parts, and testing for a standard overhaul are charged as fixed consisting of and not limited to brake and clutch discs, gears, bearings, seals, gaskets, O-rings, retaining rings, piston rings, selected bolts and nuts
  • Hard parts beyond the agreed basic overhaul, defined as such parts that are only replaced due to failure or wear, which are required to return the unit to factory standard are quoted and recommended in a detailed service report for the customer decision


  • Fixed Price Exchange
  • The labour, parts, and testing for the full potential overhaul and repair of a serviceable core including soft parts, basic overhaul parts, and parts only replaced due to failure or wear are charged as fixed providing a single price overhaul
  • In the event that the core provided is not serviceable, cannot reasonably be returned to factory standard, and is beyond economical repair, an agreed core charge is applicable
  • A detailed service report of the component condition and all repairs carried out is provided to the customer





Drivetrain provides maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) solutions for the off-highway industry’s  most respected powertrain brands along with asset overhaul and rebuild services for Kovatera and Guascor equipment.

Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO)

Drivetrain rebuilds driveline componentry to factory specifications using genuine spare parts for a large range of critical mobile equipment across underground hard and soft rock mining, material handling, defence, heavy haulage, and speciality applications. Each component is assembled by specialist factory trained technicians and tested to design specifications ensure it meets strict quality standards. Drivetrain maintains a network of purpose-built workshop facilities in key locations with carefully designed layouts and systems to maximise efficiency, turnaround times, and rebuild quality on customer components.

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Each component received by Drivetrain is completely stripped, cleaned, and assessed. Based on the findings Drivetrain provides a comprehensive technical service report outlining failed components and potential issues. During rebuilds all gaskets, seals, o-rings, sensors, and solenoids are replaced with genuine parts as standard to minimise risk of failure. All transmissions and converters are dynamically tested using the latest digital systems and controllers to ensure quality performance from all overhauls.

Lifecycle Maintenance and Overhaul

Drivetrain gas engines and underground utility equipment require lifecycle maintenance and rebuilds to get the maximum lifecycle ownership benefits out of each asset. Drivetrain have workshop equipped with the tools, factory trained technicians, and technical support to ensure that equipment is rebuilt to the standard required to return to service with the assurance of reliability, quality, and performance.